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Can i drink tiny teatox while i am pregnant or breast feeding ?

Unfortunately you can not consume our TinyTeatox when breastfeeding as it contains barley and for some, this will dry up breast milk. However once breastfeeding...

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How often can I use Tiny Teatox?

Our Tiny Tea can be used up to 56 days in a row (2 x 28 day Tiny Teatoxes). We recommend you to then take...

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Does Tiny Teatox affect my contraceptive pill?

TinyTeatox does not affect your pill/implant. However, in a rare case if you have an adverse reaction to our ingredients, then TinyTeatox can affect the...

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Can i exercise during a tiny teatox ?

You can and SHOULD maintain your normal exercise routine without doubt. We strongly promote a healthy and regular exercise routine not just for the duration...

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What are the side effects of Tiny Teatox?

TinyTeatox does not have adverse side effects. As the tea works on replenishing and nourishing your digestive system, it may stir up some internal waste...

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