Her Herbs Tea (Everyday Tea)
Her Herbs Tea (Everyday Tea)
Her Herbs Tea (Everyday Tea)
Her Herbs Tea (Everyday Tea)


Her Herbs Tea (Everyday Tea)

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100% Biodegradable Packaging

Traditionally my ingredients have been used to assist with:

  • Fluid retention
  • Calming digestion
  • Enhancing energy
  • Enhancing mood
  • Reducing PMS
  • Alleviating irritability and anxiety
  • Improving sleep

Our Her Herbs Tea are a staple in our range for women wanting daily, ongoing support for digestion, mood and women’s health. The ingredients include those that aim to uplift mood and ease issues such as digestive instability.

We consider Her Tea as the little sister to Digestive Herbs; it is a perfect blend to remain on after a more intensive round of Digestive Herbs in order to maintain balance

  • 56 GMO free biodegradable teabags of Chinese herbs
Her Tea is:
Wise things:

Consume our products separately (do not mix products together on the same day). Finish one whole product and then move onto the next.

Enhance your herbs:

We recommend our Digestive herbs first prior to any other blend, in order to assure digestive functionality.

This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease*

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Chinese Herbal Ingredients
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Her Herbs assist with appeasing bloat, digestive discomforts, heighten mood, address inflammation, improve sleep and appease symptoms of PMS.

Her Herbs Tea is our original popular blend known for balancing mood and digestion for the female constitution. With a delicate flavour, the Chinese Herbs inside were formulated for ongoing daily support for physical and emotional wellbeing.

Her Herbs are ideal if you suffer with fluctuating health as a woman, and are looking for an elixir to bring continuity to your overall wellbeing.

Consume twice daily, 1 cup in the AM and 1 cup in the PM. Best consumed 30 minutes away from food.

Steep time: 3-5 minutes.

Her Herbs Tea may be consumed alongside any of our 'Daily Range' blends.

Wu Long Cha (oolong tea 40%), Ren Shen Hua (Ginseng), Ju Ha (Chrysanthemum), Du Song Guo (Juniper Berry), WuWei Zi (Schisandra Fruit), Xun Yi Cao (Lavender), Gou Qi Zi (Goji)

All of our Chinese Herbal ingredients are sourced from the Fujian Province - exactly where they are optimally grown. Each blend undergoes external testing for pesticides, heavy metals and purity - for your health and wellbeing.

Our packaging has been tailored for our environment.

The inner bag is made of biodegradable material whilst our teabags are 100% biodegradable made of corn.

All remaining packaging is recyclable.

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