Traditional Chinese Medicine explained.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a holistic approach to achieving health and wellbeing.

TCM views the body as an entire energetic system, which includes the mind, body and soul. All aspects must work harmoniously with one another to achieve health. Naturally then, it makes sense that an unhealthy body equals an unhealthy mind, and vice versa.

That’s TCM on a basic level, so let’s get a little deeper.

TCM also refers to the term Qi.

This is our ‘life force’ or ‘flow of energy’ - it moves through the body via meridians. And to these meridians - organs, emotions and ailments are all attached.

Therefore it is essential for Qi to move and flow harmoniously. If Qi is blocked, it has a domino effect on the body; remembering that TCM requires the mind, body and soul to function in harmony in order to achieve wellbeing.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

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