Can I lose weight with Tiny Teatox alone?

For many, weight loss can be achieved through TinyTeatox alone, without a change in diet. However, results are heightened significantly when you have a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.

Our TinyTea helps the body to function properly - so carrying on its positive role within the body is extremely important. Nourishing your body correctly is vital in maintaining an ideal weight. Striving for optimum health should be an important aspect of everyday life, and this is something we strongly promote. Please refer to our eating plan for health tips and guidelines.

We only have one body - so it is you prerogative to look after, nourish and replenish it so that it can carry you through this life safely, happily and with longevity.

Refer to our healthy tips blog for information and ideas on how best to fuel your body with healthy food and liquid.