PMS - how to avoid it!

PMS - how to avoid it!

What is Pre-Menstrual Syndrome and how do I avoid it?

"As progesterone increases each month, our bodies are not only influenced physically, but the hormones that are on the incline during the pre menstrual phase also affect many women emotionally. Cue Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS). PMS for many women is a dreaded time where they experience a swag of symptoms ranging from mood swings, emotional upset, anxiety, headaches, sore breasts, fluid retention and body pain – almost like the lid on the pressure cooker is about to explode! But rather than sweat it, here are my tips to create ease during the pre menstrual phase of your cycle.

Eat meat.

Meat contains specific amino acids that aren’t found in any other foods, essential for happy hormones. You don’t need to eat a cow, just a serve every few weeks can be enough to support hormone balance. For those with endometriosis, meat is still equally important for the same reason (there is some caution around meat and endo). Because meat can be difficult to digest, listen to what your body is telling you – you don’t need copious amounts, just enough to refuel the tanks (a clenched fist size is my suggestion)

Drink tea!

The therapeutic benefits of tea are outstanding to help improve gynaecological function, ease bloating and treat pain.Tea also has a calming effect, which can be excellent for those finding themselves a little irritable!

Ramp up your B vitamins.

It’s all about balancing hormones and such vitamins are important to help the body cope with stress and keep the hormone happiness in check. B vitamins immediately balance out oestrogen and assist in release of serotonin, helping you to feel calm and PMS free.

Take a bath, meditate, or just chill.

Learning how to listen to your body really is the key to wellness.  It speaks to you everyday; it’s simply a matter of better understanding what it is saying. The period time really is an ‘event’ as far as your body sees it and is certainly a time to take it a little slower. You might feel more tired or need a little longer lie in over those few days and that’s perfectly ok!  Go with it – your body is speaking to you for a reason. If you are going to exercise, go gently.

Get the sunshine in.

Just 15 minutes in the sun can do wonders. It helps you release hormones; it checks off your dose of Vitamin D and helps you feel good. Just what you need when the dreaded PMS slump hits.

Of course we are all different and some experience symptoms outside of what I’ve indicated here. If you’re trying Digestive Herbs Tea for the first time, I encourage you to take note of how you feel around the period time. The gentle natural herbs really help the digestive system fire along meaning your body. This really is the key to wellness. You will more than likely find that this combination will wash away many of your PMS symptoms and have you balanced and happy without too much effort, other than lifting your tea cup to your lips!".

Written by TCM Doctor, Nat Kringoudis.
Image via @collagevintage