Candida - what it is and how to rid it?

Candida - what it is and how to rid it?

Written by a TCM Doctor

"Let’s talk about Candida. You’ve either had it, heard of somebody who has or think it sounds like a country above the USA. Sillies aside, we all have candida growing in us; it is when it gets out of control that it becomes an issue.

We’ve talked about digestive and gut health so much, if you’re not up with it take a look at my other blogs or better still learn to understand why it’s so important by purchasing our ebook, "The Digestive Herbs Health Guide". Once we understand why the gut is the pivot of health we can begin to nurture it and reap the benefits.

When gut health is poor, and we take antibiotics or medications it can upset the intricate balance of beneficial bacteria living in the gut. We have up to 3kg of vital bacteria living in our digestive system that does everything from assisting in digesting food right through to shaping our immunity. But when we clear out the bacteria by taking antibiotics or medicines like the pill, we leave ourselves wide open for invasion. You see, that special mix of bacteria is key to your wellness. Without it, all our defences go offline and basically, your body plays host to unwanted species moving in.  Candida will be one of these ‘overgrown’ types that come in and wreak havoc within your intricate gut workings.

Not only does overgrowth of candida place a heap of pressure on the body but by being present on a large scale, it puts a substantial amount of toxins in the gut environment creating a host of symptoms including digestive issues, hormone imbalance, skin problems, bowel issues, behavioural problems, leaky gut… the list goes on!

Candida will also feed on foods like sugar, refined foods as well as stress and oestrogen, the hormone that we are seeing on the rise within our bodies as we are influenced by our environment. We all need oestrogen for healthy hormones (both men and women, although women require much more) but it is when there is too much oestrogen and it becomes dominant that we see issues arise. Most commonly people with candida crave sugar, which sets about the vicious circle since sugar is the very food that feeds it. By adding more sugar to the body, this will set off a chain of events that lead to more oestrogen being created again, continuing to the candida growth. Fat cells also feed on oestrogen and again the candida is being fed what it needs to thrive within you.

In the most basic sense, candida places huge strain on your system. We’ve begun to see many reports from those who drink Digestive Herbs (formerly Tiny Tea) saying this blend has aided in clearing up the initial signs and symptoms associated with their candida and eventually supports the body so much it works to heal completely.

Now of course as I've explained, by maximizing digestive function and supporting gut health, we are allowing the body to deal with the candida growth accordingly.

Digestive Herbs (formerly Tiny Tea) is all about creating optimal digestive wellness with its very basic natural herbs, not just in the digestive system but extending through to every corner of your body because as we’ve learnt, the gut health shapes your complete wellness".

With Love,
Your Tea

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