Using old Digestive Herbs (formerly Tiny Tea) bags for facial scrubs!

Using old Digestive Herbs (formerly Tiny Tea) bags for facial scrubs!

As many of you may or may not know - there are multiple uses for our tea bags once used.

Our Digestive Herbs (formerly Tiny Tea) in particular has amazing healing herbs - as such, the used teabags can be placed in stews, soups, smoothies etc etc.

We've had a lovely customer email in recently letting us know she had some fantastic results using her leftover Digestive Herbs (formerly Tiny Tea) tea bags in a facial scrub.

Check out her feedback below - we think it's well worth taking her tips on board!

"Like many other prospective customers, I was skeptical to try the Digestive Herbs (formerly Tiny Tea), because the results seems too good to be true. I am on day 6 of my teatox and I'm pleased to say that I'm already seeing great results. In hopes of getting the most bang for my buck, I looked up different ways you can reuse a tea bag, other than in soups and stews, and I found many sources talking about the benefits of tea bag facial scrubs. After double checking with the Your Tea customer service to make sure this was all well and safe I mixed an old Digestive Herbs (formerly Tiny Tea) tea bag in with my normal facial cleanser and used to to create a mask that I left on for 5 minutes then rinsed off. All I can say is that the results were incredible. I have had an uneven skin tone and rough skin my whole life and this concoction cleared it up in merely 2 uses. Well done Your Tea. Another happy customer".

Thanks to our lovely customer Claire, you can pamper your skin with our Digestive Herbs Tea in more ways than one.

One with nature,
Your Tea