The top 10 factors that can upset your digestive system

The top 10 factors that can upset your digestive system

Our bodies are complex units. Everything is interlinked and your body demands harmony from all of its organs.

A number of internal and external factors can upset our organs and digestive system as a whole – here are the top 10 factors to try and control/reduce exposure to:

  1. Sugar – it is heating, sticky and toxic to the body in big doses
  2. Lack of sleep – your body needs adequate rest to rejuvenate all organs so they can perform their intended roles
  3. Over-eating – this can send your body into shutdown mode and put excess stress on your organs
  4. Alcohol – both poisonous and toxic to the body, too much alcohol damages the body internally which is evident externally
  5. Cold food and drinks – can create stagnation in the digestive system, slowing down the digestive process considerably
  6. Emotions – anger/upset/frustration – all will affect one or more of your organs. Try and control what you can and let go of what you can’t
  7. Processed foods – they contain foreign properties that are literally indigestible by the human body
  8. Pandadol/nuerofen – contain chemicals that will alleviate pains and complaints temporarily, yet will leave a trail of destruction. Try natural remedies instead
  9. Anti-biotics – whilst they kill bacteria and bugs – they also kill your insides! Follow up a round of anti-biotics with some gut nourishing foods
  10. Over-exercise – will deplete your Qi and deplete your digestive strength. Exercise is fantastic in decent doses – not extremes. Are there issues in your life that you are avoiding and using exercise as a distraction from?

Take the time to get to know your body and figure out what works for YOU! Or click here to learn which blend best suits you.

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