Sugar is not your friend!

Sugar is not your friend!

Sugar, sugar sugar. This sweet, delectable substance is an absolute killer!

It's a killer on your teeth, killer on your digestive system and a killer on your butt.

Indeed, this sweet substance has many not so sweet side effects.

Sugar can contribute to bloating, fluid retention, weight gain, acne, reduced immunity and spikes insulin levels.

Ever noticed after eating a piece of cake your spirits are lifted? This is the sugar taking your body on a serious high... but what goes up must come down.

Sugar causes huge physical spikes in your body, which translate to emotional spikes. Yep - sugar takes your body on one massive roller coaster ride. Not ideal at all.

Eliminating or reducing sugar from your diet will help your bodies functionality immensely.

Of course - sugar is highly addictive, so coming off sugar can be a difficult task.

Once your body has overcome this phase, you will find your body and mind will feel much more level and predictable. 

So go on, challenge yourself and kick sugar to the curb... it may not be easy but the results are 100% worth it.

Yours in health,
Your Tea