Fertility Tea

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Why the word ‘Fertility’?

Don’t be alarmed if you’re not ready for making babies. Because the word ‘fertile’ is the Traditional Chinese Medicine word used to describe a healthy, functioning reproductive system.

Why does Fertility Tea address PCOS though?

When the body is in disarray, we may see conditions like fertility issues, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Thyroid dysfunction, Endometriosis, PMS or painful periods arise. These are just symptoms. They are your body’s own way of telling you something isn’t right.

The presence of PCOS tells us this; the reproductive system lacks ‘fertility’, therefore Fertility Tea is the ideal blend to address PCOS.

How does Fertility Tea address PCOS?

Explained by our TCM practitioners:

“This special blend of herbal ingredients found in our Fertility Tea go to work on the reproductive system. Specific ingredients in this formula contain powerful antioxidants that promote fertility as it helps to ‘clean up’ the body and any damage that our lifestyles may pose. Stress, poor nutrition and busy lifestyles lead to disruption right down to the cellular level – antioxidants are like a spring clean on the inside. These herbs also contain specific minerals that are key to hormone health. Another great herb we’ve included aids to tone up the reproductive organs. So where stress, the weight of PCOS or Endometriosis have taken their toll, this tea helps to get things back in working order ‘down there.’

Camellia Sinesis aims to balance out oestrogen, the most important of the female hormones and one that is often upset in issues like PCOS or thyroid imbalance. Dandelion root amongst other herbs found in this blend is a fabulous ingredient which not only helps to cleanse the body (so vital in overall wellness) but also it benefits the liver, which also assists in balancing hormone levels”.

How to consume Fertility Tea for PCOS?

As per all of our blends, Fertility Tea is designed to be taken twice per day, 1 teabag in the morning and 1 at night. Before or after food; not with.

Take two per day, until the entire box is finished.

Many customer find that their symptoms will begin to improve within the first week bearing in mind that this blend also goes to work on addressing digestive health.

Chinese Medicine promotes a diet and lifestyle for PCOS that is gentle and conductive to better gut health; skewing towards warm, cooked foods that are gentle on the gut. Avoiding inflammatory foods such as sugars, raw foods and excessive fruits – until the gut is working optimally.

The PCOS eBook elaborates in depth, the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle to address PCOS.

60 teabags of Chinese herbs per box