Fu Lin, China root, Poria 1,800 VOIP Calling Digital Executive Consultant Yunnan, China Two-timing Garry during the week, Gina on the weekend Telemarketers are people too. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, fu ling assists to drain damp from the body, supporting a healthy appetite and is said to harmonise the ‘middle burner’ aka spleen/stomach. By draining dampness, fu lin helps to rid the body of accumulated toxins, ultimately, giving you more energy, and brightening the skin. Its calming effect helps you to recover quickly from emotional and physical stress.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, fu ling is also said to enter the heart meridian, therefore, it can support the heart. Great news, as it’s included in Man Tea, and when combined with gan cao, they are indicated to treat shortness of breath as well as help facial swelling from fluid retention.  When combined with ginseng, they help to treat digestion, particularly where there is a lack of appetite, diarrhoea, or vomiting.