What is Cellulite Anyway?!

What is Cellulite Anyway?!

What is cellulite anyway?

By TCM Dr. Nat Kringoudis...

"You know your body is a very clever machine. While at times we can get frustrated with its flaws, reality is, those flaws are actually the messages and signals we’re being shown as to what’s possibly not working on the inside.  Cellulite is one of those pesky, annoying things we can often see develop. Did you know cellulite is actually a means of the body protecting itself? Cellulite and adipose tissue form to trap toxins in the body, to prevent them from leeching into our systems and causing total havoc.  Pretty smart hey?  So with this in mind, we need to dig a little deeper and understand exactly what is going on.

When your body is working well, when you’re fuelling it with nutritious food and drinking things like Your Tea to support digestive function, we are far less likely to gain weight.  One of the reasons this happens is because fat will trap the toxins and tuck them away out of harm – if you are eating uncomplimentary foods, your body is doing its best to make sure they don’t do damage. This is why we gain weight around our lower abdomen and upper thighs – so it doesn’t impact our organs. Imagine what happens if we build fat up around our heart or our kidneys – they don’t work properly and would place huge stress on the body.

The problem for me as a hormone expert is that fat stores can be difficult to control – because fat stores release oestrogen, and the more oestrogen we have, the more toxic it can become (in high levels), the more fat we continue to make!  It’s a hormonal nightmare.  It can also be mighty stubborn to shift – if the body isn’t producing adequate hormones (because the gut is sluggish and can’t assimilate your food properly), it will remain in overdrive and continue to produce fatty deposits.

With this in mind, specific foods can increase cellulite. Those high in trans fats like fried and greasy foods are super darn hard to digest. Equally, cold and raw foods can set the healthiest of guts into disarray – again meaning the body doesn’t quite know how to best digest it. The gut will go into a frenzy in an attempt to protect itself and simply transport it to somewhere safe. From a Chinese medicine perspective, cellulite is excess damp in the body – again because the spleen doesn’t know how to digest and deal with foods when it’s placed under load.

For cellulite to be effectively dealt with, it needs to be addressed from the inside out.  It means that diet and lifestyle must be addressed to effectively treat it.  Warming and easily digested foods as I’ve spoken about many times before are effective as they place minimal load on the gut and it can not only readily utilize the nutrients, it has no trouble in doing so. This is why scrubs and creams won’t work – because the issue lies within.

Maximising gut & liver function is key. Cleansing is so very important. The liver is the master controller in cleaning out the body – it does a great job under ‘ideal’ circumstances however with poor habits it too can take a beating and only for so long before the consequences can be felt. We repeatedly receive feedback that shares of weight loss and ridding of cellulite. Using detoxifying ingredients and those that boost the digestive system, we know that this helps the body to digest, it assists in cleansing and it helps remove those toxic stores whilst doing so. We understand (and now hope you do too) that healthy gut function really is the key to overall wellness and until we have that in check, our bodies will continue to present with unwanted symptoms like cellulite.

Perhaps since having Your Tea, you’ve noticed your skin improve and your cellulite diminish and you’ve been wondering why. You now know the key to overall wellness and the symptoms and signs are apparent. It’s not rocket science – it’s just plain simple logic. Get the inside happy and it’s so obvious on the outside, you’ll glow!".

With Love,
Your Tea

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