Tips for beating CELLULITE!

Tips for beating CELLULITE!

First and foremost, reducing weight will help battle cellulite - however we still see some girls who are quite slender with cellulite - which begs the question... why?!

Cellulite is made up of fats, toxins, dampness and waste. The body breaks down fat in conventional weight loss methods as we all should be familiar with, however toxins and waste are dispelled from the body via the blood stream.

If a body has particularly poor/weak blood, then this removal process is much more difficult for the body to complete.

From a Chinese medicine sense, there are a number of steps involved to assist cellulite removal. There are no shortcuts either.

We must remember that in the body - there is cause and effect. The effect is cellulite - the cause is what has to be fixed and changed.

1. Blood: We must help our body to create stronger blood to help the blood stream carry away toxins and waste. Since our blood is created by the digestive system, we need to nourish the digestive system to nourish the blood.

2. Food choices: our body creates cellulite from what we put in it. Sugar, fats, alcohol, pain killers, preservatives, additives etc etc - none of which can be used and or/digested by the body... hence any of the foods you consume that contain the above nasties - will all add to cellulite. In order to stop cellulite from producing, you need to stop putting these nasties in your body.

There is no point in taking any other precautions to stop cellulite production unless you start eating correctly - it is a little bit like wanting to put out a fire, but putting more fire lighters on it. Doesn't make sense does it?!

3. Tea: once you've taken the above precautions to give you body the best chance of tackling cellulite, you can use other methods to then extract it from the body. Our AntiC Tea is designed to nourish the blood (assist the blood stream in extracting toxins) and drain phlegm and dampness (which cellulite literally thrives in).

Our tea performs the role in cellulite removal that your body can not.

However we need to stress the absolute importance of discouraging cellulite as we've outlined above!

Here are some more tips below to avoiding cellulite

- avoid fruits (unless poached or stewed)

- avoid raw vegetable - cook them until they are warm, not wilted

- eat warm, nourishing foods such as stews and soups

- avoid food and drink with preservatives, additives, chemicals and other nasty toxins

- avoid cold water - try to drink luke warm, if not hot water

- don't drink excessive amounts of water or this may 'waterlog' your body, giving cellulite a nice nesting ground

- sweat it! A healthy exercise routine will promote blood flow, crucial to aiding stagnant cellulite removal

- give yourself a massage in cellulite prone areas to promote blood flow

- reduce alcohol intake

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