The Truth About Your Tea Ingredients

The Truth About Your Tea Ingredients

It’s always important to understand exactly what you put into your body. This isn’t just limited to foods, but also prescribed medicines and tonics. At Your Tea, we are dedicated to helping you understand the active tea ingredients and properties of each of our herbal formulations. We don’t pride ourselves on keeping you guessing. We want you to understand and experience all of the wonderful benefits of tea, so you can reach your best self.

There is no doubt that vast amounts of substances (medications included) may cause unwanted reactions. Most often this comes from product abuse—whereby something is taken in excess or incorrectly—but equally as important is the quality of the product and its source. You may have seen cases where people have had unwanted response to tea ingredients—a recent reaction to green tea was specifically reported.

We’re so proud of our products and continue to invest great time, money, and effort into ensuring all of our products contain only the highest quality tea ingredients. We want you to experience only the best from our tea blends. When ill effects occur, the question isn’t about the actual properties of the tea itself. Green tea has been safely and effectively used for centuries. It’s renowned not only for its wonderful antioxidant benefits but also for its ability to influence metabolism to help maintain a healthy weight. Most likely, the question revolves around how the tea was prepared, where was it sourced from, what was it sprayed with, and how was it packaged.

Many chemicals and toxins may be involved in the processing of products, especially in regions where regulations are low. Thankfully, we’ve done the groundwork for you. We understand the preparation process, source quality ingredients, and package our products so that you’ll only receive the benefits and not the costs.

However, it’s always important to follow the directions because too much of anything is never a good idea. We’ve worked out exactly how much you need to safely and effectively reach your health goals.

You can feel good knowing that with each cup, you are consuming quality ingredients that gently support your body to nourish and maintain great health.

Written by Dr. Nat Kringoudis TCM.