Should you take Fertility Herbs Tea whilst on the pill?

Written by a TCM Doctor and Fertility Expert.

It’s a perfectly good question – will Fertility Herbs Tea help to counteract the often, nasty side effects of the pill? Or better still, will Fertility Herbs Tea help my hormone condition (and the reason why you’re on the pill in the first place)?

The first thing to establish is exactly why you’re taking the pill in the first place, since the pill nowadays is used for far more than contraceptive purposes. The pill is the number one most prescribed drug world-wide. It’s use to treat menstrual irregularities, painful periods, endometriosis, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), missing periods, acne, pre menstrual syndrome, ovulation pain and so on. If you’re using the pill for something other than contraceptive reasons, it’s a good idea to understand that almost all hormone issues are treatable and the pill can’t actually fix your condition. Any signs and symptoms your body is showing you, be it a missing period or acne, it’s your bodies way of telling you something isn’t quite right. It isn’t necessarily of a serious nature but it is always best to get to the bottom of any problems that arrive. The pill is utilized for such conditions because it serves as a treatment by masking symptoms and by tricking your hormones. When you cease taking it, very often the symptoms return and sometimes they are far worse than when you started taking it. It’s always good to explore options and make well-informed decisions when it comes to your body.

So with this in mind, will Fertility Herbs Tea help counteract the nasty side effects of the pill? In many instances yes, it will. It will of course depend on your body’s symptoms, but for common complaints like really light periods or headaches associated with its use, Fertility Tea can be helpful.

It’s important to understand that the pill, much like antibiotics rubs the gut of vital bacteria. This bacteria is essential for digestion, it shapes your immunity and ensures your digestive system is able to assimilate nutrients from your food to go on and make great hormones. Whist on the pill, it’s so important to be mindful of this and to do what you can to support your overall health. You can’t fully counteract the negative effects the pill may be having on your body, but you can implement diet and lifestyle changes to at least support your body as much as possible – in fact I’d say not only you should do that but, you must if you want to someday smoothly transition off the pill.

If you are taking the pill for one of the other reasons mentioned, I’d always encourage you to look into reasons why these issues are there. In many instances, Fertility Herbs Tea may assist with hormone regulation, meaning it isn’t specific to the ‘baby making’ but more so all round hormone balance. This means it may be useful to help regulate your periods, alongside the right diet and lifestyle it may help overcome PCOS, endometriosis and alike. Sadly, and like I’ve mentioned, remaining on the pill isn’t treating the problem and I’d suggest seeking supportive treatment alongside the right diet and lifestyle changes to really make the difference and propel your body towards wellness.

Yours in women's health,
Your Tea