Strength, stamina, and Man Herbs

Strength, stamina, and Man Herbs

How the much talked about "Man Herbs Tea" works.

"One of our favourite blends is the Man Herbs Tea and we get a lot of people inquiring about it’s actions and benefits because it works so well it’s almost too good to be true! Reports of heightened energy, muscle growth and speedy recovery grace the your tea inbox frequently – so it’s a good time to share just why this little gem takes such good care of our men (and women too!).

The man tea blend is full of ingredients with high antioxidant properties that help to assist in cleaning up the body right down to a cellular level.  This is mostly noted as speedy recovery post workouts and because antioxidants are all about making your body work better, they treat inflammation which allows for greater muscle growth. The green tea found in this blend assists in boosting these benefits and adds another layer – not only is it bursting with antioxidants but it helps to maintain muscle mass. It certainly is a wonder ingredient and a welcome effect to many who find it difficult to maintain strength.

It may be useful to mention that whilst single herbal ingredients perform specific actions, it is also the synergy of the herbs together that increase therapeutic value. So for example, combining green tea with ginseng (as found in Energy Herbs Tea) boosts the muscle growth action because the two support each other and bring out specific characteristics of each of the ingredients. What’s more, this combination also helps the body better metabolise and utilise protein – meaning stronger, bigger guns!

Let’s not forget, we need to maximize your digestive ability for these effects to take place. If the gut function is sluggish or your gut is damaged, your body can’t adequately absorb the nutrients found in your food and drink. This is when we see symptoms of irregular bowels, bloating and fatigue. Thankfully we’ve taken this into consideration when creating all of our teas – and specifically the man tea goes to work on your gut too.  This makes it extremely effective and reports tell us men are feeling fantastic with no bloating, improved bowel function and all round wellbeing.

Metabolism is also important to consider. Using ingredients that increase metabolism means that fat is burnt more efficiently and muscle growth is maximized. Music to any hard training mans ears! Muscles (just like all parts of your body) require specific nutrients to be fed and fueled. We know protein is key for muscle growth – but as you see, it’s just one component. These other boxes must be ticked by way of nutrients via your vitamins and minerals.

To make the formula even better, there are other herbal elements that assist in natural hormone production – meaning that they go to work in your body to promote your own hormones to work more effectively. Of course, we would never use anything synthetic – it’s all about making your body work smarter – not harder.

So you see – our blend is very clever. By benefiting your gut, we can increase absorption for your body to readily convert this to energy, which in turn boosts your ability to train. It means that you grow stronger more rapidly and that your recovery is quicker – so you can train harder. All achieved without nasty ingredients, all working to support your overall health. It’s a winner! And may I just add that women can safely take this formula too without running the risk of growing a beard or chest hairs.  It’s the gentle adaptive properties of this tea that make it appropriate for everybody with a heartbeat – simply because it makes your own bodies inner workings function better. So women won’t grow man arms or chunky legs – they will simply be more toned and able to train harder.

It’s just another way you can be sure we’ve got your back (and muscles)"

Nat Kringoudis