"We live in a busy world. And sometimes, when it comes time to rest, our bodies are firing on overdrive meaning you find it hard to settle down and often the result is a very restless night sleep. Is there anything more frustrating that a wakeful night? And why is it that it seems like a perfectly good idea to try and solve the worlds problems at 3am? An impossible task to say the least.

I'd like to talk about the ingredients in Sleep Herbs Tea and how they have traditionally been used for consumption.

But first, let's chat about the fact one of the reasons we find it so difficult to rest at night is due to an overwhelming feeling of heat. Some people report night sweats whilst others tell us they need to sleep with their feet poking out of the covers. Perhaps you can relate? Of course not everybody experiences night time heat (most of us like to actually sleep cosy but not sweltering!) and so we’ve used a special herb, from the lotus plant which helps to clear any excessive heat. This means you will feel calmer, less sweaty and in turn, more relaxed. Too much heat in the body can make the mind race along like you’re Usain Bolt (the current holder of the ‘fastest man’ title). It can also contribute to restlessness and weird dreams – the kind that you would very much like to forget because they often involve an awkward moment with an ex partner or something random like an affair with your very unattractive boss. Nobody is ever going to wake rested after a night of horror!

Licorice root, lavender and rose are all extremely calming ingredients. Licorice root is used in many Chinese Medicine formulations for its overall calming ability. It is a sweet herb that helps to alleviate pain and aches and its overall action is referred to as “harmonizing” meaning it helps to tie all the herbs together to have an overall calming effect. Me Gui Hua or rose is a wonderful herb that helps to calm, alleviate aches and pains as well as support digestion. There’s nothing worse than going to bed of a night time with a feeling of fullness. Eating late at night can of course contribute to a wakeful night – mostly because the body is trying to do what it would ordinarily be doing in the early evening; digesting! Rose is able to assist with supporting the gut, reinforcing its assimilation and digestive role ensuring you can get the rest you need. Lavender is also well recognised for its therapeutic ability to relax the mind and body. It’s also aromatic which aids in calming the senses which can often be on high alert in times of stress.

Gynostemma pentaphylla is a super herb. Its actions are wide and varied and extend from helping to nourish body fluids (so you’re not reaching for your water bottle at 3 am), but equally important helps to reduce inflammation and pain. For this reason it can assist in calming the body, supporting digestion alongside Me Gui Hua and help to support the respiratory system.  If you’re a night time asthma or coughing fit type person – you’ll find your symptoms may lessen with its support. It really is one of the most versatile, gentle and well recognised ‘wonder herbs’ I’ve ever come across.

Sleep is the elixir of wellness – without good quality sleep we can’t rejuvenate, we don’t make quality hormones and our bodies really suffer as a result. With this in mind, build your wellness foundation and improve your quality of sleep to improve your overall wellbeing".

Yours in Restful Nights,
Your Tea