Written by a TCM expert;

"I know. You’ve been dying to find out about Sex Herbs Tea?  And if you were to purchase it, would you end up like a randy rabbit that couldn’t help but feel the need to jump the next innocent bystander?

We get it – it sounds raunchy but really we’re a family friendly brand and we want you to benefit from the amazing benefits of all our teas. We’ve created these special formulations to suit the needs of YOU, our customer. Sex Herbs Tea was created to give those in need, a little helping hand. To fire up the sex drive and reignite the fire in the belly of those who have lost their mojo.

I'd like to talk about the ingredients in Sex Herbs Tea from a general perspective - explaining how they have traditionally been used consumption wise.

From a Chinese Medicine perspective we focus a lot on the energy of the kidneys to support good hormone balance. Your hormones are responsible for sending off the signals from your senses in response to your surroundings. Yi Zhi Jian benefits the kidneys, to help ‘zip’ up any issues down their, like a zipper on your jeans! Think incontinence or premature ejaculation – because these symptoms from a TCM standpoint tell us that the kidney energy is weak. And with weak kidney energy comes poor libido.

Rou Cong Rong (sounds randy I know!) is also indicated for the same reasons as Yi Zhi Jian. It helps to support the kidneys but it goes one step further and helps to support good blood circulation (kind of an important factor to over come any ‘flacid’ implications). This helps you ‘come’ to the party so to speak, and ensure that everything is flowing as it should be, down there.

Yin Yang Huo is a name you may have heard of before – it is commonly known as horny goat weed. It helps to treat impotence and issues with sperm. It also assists in ‘unblocking’ the flow of nutrients and energy (Qi) which helps to turn things on in the time of need. On the whole, it too aids in improving circulation.

Licorice Root and Ren Shen (ginseng as you might know it) both are awesome facilitators in tonifying and harmonizing the body on the whole. Both assist in digestion, which is equally important – because if we can’t assimilate the specific properties of the ingredients, the overall therapeutic affect will be sub-standard. Ren Shen is known to be a power-punch to boost energy and stamina. Alongside Hong Zao or Chinese Dates these two invigorate to heighten senses and improve overall wellbeing.

The beauty of this tea is that it is extremely safe. These gentle yet effective ingredients mean that anybody can take this tea – from those who are breastfeeding right through to menopausal women who are finding that their hormones need a little support. Because of it’s ability to support overall hormone imbalance it is suitable for men and women alike of any age. And of course if the hormones of teens need a little shake up – it’s perfectly safe to take too.

Of course here at Your Tea, we always advocate for safe practice. All jokes aside, Sexually Transmitted Illnesses (STI’s) are amongst some of the most harmful and physically damaging illnesses I see in clinical practice. They can be debilitating, some have no known cure and many leave you infertile. We advocate always for safe sex by barrier methods (condoms) for all. The pill certainly can’t protect us from these things and the pill can also be one big reason why the libido goes awol.

Stress can be a big fizzer in the sex drive department – as can emotional pressure. It’s useful to identify where the stress is coming from and implement good strategies to help your body cope. This can make a marked improvement to your overall libido too.

It’s a subject we like to light heartily joke about but like any symptom, there is always a reason and finding solutions to what is the root cause of any sign is the best way to go about long term results. Thankfully our teas take this well into consideration – they go to work on the body in a way that treats the reason not the symptom. Sex Herbs Tea is a great example of this – and we know this will have you and your libido back on track. Thank us later and be safe".

With Love,
Your Tea