How the food you eat affects the skin on your face

How the food you eat affects the skin on your face

Written by a TCM Doctor..

"You may have wondered just how the food you eat can actually affect the skin on your face.  I want to share with you how it is all very much connected. Because we here at Your Tea want you to not only experience health on a new level, we want you to understand just why it is so important to break things down and specifically understand exactly how your body works so that you can make well-educated decisions that better your life.

We’ve spoken about digestion and gut function before, and we had many of you eager to learn more about just why specific ailments have miraculously cleared up since introducing tea to your regime.  We’re delighted with this ‘effect’ of your tea we must say, but it’s no surprise to us all things considered.

Your skin is your largest organ and the most exposed yet often most neglected. It provides a protective barrier from the surrounding environment to your organs. Just like all organs, it likes to be well fed and nourished - this process actually begins with the gut and digestive system.  When the spleen and stomach (gut) can assimilate the food and drink you consume easily (when the gut is in good health), it can go on to nourish and fuel every part of you.  It requires that the intricate digestive process convert nutrients, which go on to deliver the fundamentals to nourish your skin.  But when digestion isn’t working well, we can very quickly see conditions arise and one of the most common is bad skin – be it acne, eczema, psoriasis or general dryness because the gut isn’t performing this role.  Several things happen when the gut can’t support this.

Firstly – some of the food and drink we eat simply can’t be broken down easily by a sluggish, poor functioning, deficient gut and as a direct result, the body goes into overdrive in an attempt to detoxify and rid of the matter that is causing havoc.  A good example of this is dairy.

Dairy causes a variety of reactions, especially via the skin.  This is basically your bodies best way to swiftly eliminate something it can’t deal with – for many people breaking down the lactose of cows milk is just too much for the gut to handle.  This can also be why we see diarrhea as another quick mode of transport ‘out’ in people who are lactose intolerant – because the body wants it out!  Eczema and acne are two very common conditions flared up with dairy.

Secondly – eating poor quality food, overloading with sugar or alcohol or not drinking enough water can place great strain on the organs, meaning they can’t function at their optimal level.  Again, as a result, the body attempts to push out the culprit via the skin in order to function better.

Studies have confirmed increased acne and skin associated problems in people who have poor gut health and poor gut bacteria present.  Stress and poor gut health is also a bad combination and have been linked to troubled skin too.

Whatever way you look at it, anything that places your digestion under arrest can lead to problems.  Of course, we can look at it also from a hormone perspective whereby when our gut can’t absorb nutrients from our food to make hormones, we can see pimples, especially along the jaw-line and neck.

Pimples found on the chin and around the mouth are definitely intolerance related (Hello Fertility Herbs Tea!)

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The combination of the right diet principles, adequate fluid intake and an active lifestyle are the cornerstone to managing and healing acne.

So to have good skin, you must have a healthy gut. Because when a healthy gut is fuelling the body, it has everything we require.  We don’t overeat, our skin looks amazing and we run with a full tank".

With Love,
Your Tea

Image by littleyellowdoll