Written by TCM Dr. Nat Kringoudis:

"So you’ve heard on the grape vine (or should we say the tea line) about our delicious Her Herbs Tea. Perhaps, better still you’ve experienced the amazingness that these simple herbs offer but you are totally left wondering how could something so little be so darn amazing? Well, lucky for you, I’m here today to talk through the very simple herbs from nature that feature in Her Herbs Tea - and just how these individual herbs work in general.

Let’s start with Ginger. Ginger is fabulous for firing up the digestive system. Energetically it is very warming and with this in mind assists in treatment of bloating and poor gut function. Ginger also helps to warm the body – it assists in ironing out aches and pains and relieves nausea. Finally it assists in mildly supporting reproductive function and can treat the symptoms of painful periods.

Ginger alongside Juniper Berry and Nettle Leaf all work together to assist in effective digestion but equally help to ease the effects of the monthly menstrual phase. For some this may be period pain relief or adjustment in the actual flow of the period.

Chrysanthemum flower is an effective yet gentle ingredient to also help to calm digestion. Because the gut is also the emotion center of the body, Chrysanthemum flower is useful in gently balancing the emotions, especially useful throughout the PMS window. This ingredient also goes to work to regulate the liver and is effective in helping the body to detox – you’ll notice one of the bonuses is bright eyes and clear thinking and beautiful skin as a result.

Lavender possesses major calming properties – it’s brilliant to help brighten skin and assists in removing fluid from the body in a very gentle manner. This alongside Go Ji Berry gives the system a good push in nourishment. Go Ji Berries are well renowned for their high cleansing abilities. For this reason in general Go Ji Berry may also supports emotional wellness and may assist in a general feeling of overall wellness.

The formula is tied together with the staple of Oolong Tea. Packed full of antioxidants it’s a good all-rounder to really support overall health and clean up the damage that everyday life throws our way.

When the digestive system is working well, you’ll generally notice a big shift in your entire wellbeing – your brain will be sharper, your mind clearer, your skin will glow and your digestive system will feel good with less bloating and happy bowels".

With Love,
Your Tea