"We’ve all been there in that moment when that final drink seems like such a good idea, only to discover that after that final sip, you started down that ever slippery slope. What’s more humiliating is that you can’t really recall why you ended up asleep sideways across your balcony and really is that pool of drool actually yours? And the icing on the cake, how the heck are you actually going to get your contact lenses out?

Hangovers. Nobody likes them, most people have experienced at least one (or one hundred). Hangovers occur for several reasons – the most obvious is that the body is severely dehydrated leaving you with a headache that feels like you’re walking around with Mt Everest on your shoulders and equally because ethanol does a smashing job of robing the living daylights out of your cells making you especially deficient in vitamin B (that’s the one that makes your brain fire along nicely). As if this isn’t enough of a blow to the body, ethanol is a really small and simple molecule and has absolutely no issues filtrating through all body structures making its way rapidly through every part of your being and if you like big words – it gets metabolized into acetic acid. This makes your muscles sore and achy and contributes to headaches too. Seems the aftermath of a big night out isn’t necessarily worth the consequences!

Whilst we don’t condone drinking until you pass out, sometimes a little assistance can be very welcome even after the second glass of vino.

I'd like to talk about the ingredients in Hangover Herbs Tea and how they have traditionally been used for consumption.

The first herb to chat about is Pu Gong Yin. It’s widely loved for its ability to go work on the liver to cleanse and detoxify and help to flush out toxins via the urine. Because it also helps to cool the body it’s useful to treat headaches too. Ge Gen is another loved TCM herb that helps to treat the effects of dehydration by nourishing fluids and working on the gut to restore any ill effects of the alcohol. By this, it means that the bowels are also looked after (preventing the aftermath of loose bowels post alcohol). It’s a boomer to rehydrate and some.

Chamomile is another well recognised ingredient in this blend that is soothing and calming – like a big blanket that wraps itself around you to nurse you back to wellness. Again it reduces headaches, blood shot eyes, dizziness and general malaise. The detoxification support that Chamomile provides is also another very welcome effect.

As you can now understand, these gentle and effective herbal ingredients will have you back on track in no time. It’s so important that we enjoy ourselves and live life to the fullest, sometimes a night on the dance floor can be just what the doctor ordered!"

With Love,
Your Tea

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