Written by a TCM Doctor.

"We know that symptoms are your bodies simple way of communicating with you precisely what’s going on internally, so rather than blindfolding yourself before you look in the mirror, let us help you understand more about how Anti C Herbs Tea can help you get the hot pins you’ve always longed for.

In the past blog post we discovered that the liver plays a huge role in cleansing and cleaning the body from toxins. This is a very important piece of the puzzle in paving the way for dimple free thighs. Dandelion root is a herb well known for it’s liver cleansing properties. From a Chinese Medicine viewpoint it acts to cleanse the liver and equally helps to eliminate toxic build up and ‘damp’ from the body. Damp is likened to excess fluid in the body that becomes stagnant (think of a pimple or a cyst or trapped cellulite/adipose tissue). It works well as it helps to clear out the toxins via the urine and basically flush away the build up. It’s a key player alongside Green Tea in this unique formula. Green tea is widely recognised for detoxification abilities, to assist in moving toxins out of the system and to deliver the body a punch of antioxidants to assist in cleaning up the damage that the environment and lifestyle tend to push onto us. What’s more, it’s well reported to give the metabolism a good kick into gear, which is why we love it so much here at Your Tea. We know it’s working on several levels to ensure your body is firing along on all cylinders and moving you toward your healthy weight range.

All these herbal ingredients in general work together to assist in the body’s ability to detox. Detoxification is a vital part in all round wellness; especially of the skin not necessarily limited to cellulite although using these herbal blends to really get in and treat the root cause of cellulite is the reason the tea can achieve amazing results. It treats the cause and not the symptom – this is always the key to healing the body".

Yours in health,
Your Tea