Can Digestive Herbs (formerly Tiny Tea) Maximize the Effectiveness of Fertility Herbs Tea?

Can Digestive Herbs (formerly Tiny Tea) Maximize the Effectiveness of Fertility Herbs Tea?

In the spirit of getting the job done, and done well, maximizing your digestive power never fails. Your gut is the pivot of your health and wellbeing. Best of all, it’s not rocket science. Beautifully simple common sense tells us that if we can’t digest the nutrients our food and drink provides, we simply can’t meet our body’s needs. You can’t charge your phone without the right adaptor, and you can’t recharge your body without the right fuel. That’s why before starting our Fertility Herbs Tea, we recommend completing a full box of Digestive Herbs, formerly Tiny Tea to set your body up for success.

When we continually follow a toxic diet and live a lifestyle full of stress, we’re not supporting our needs. In fact, our body systems can fail us or present a host of symptoms that leave us frustrated and at a loss. I want to help you create a plan to optimize your gut health and repair any damage that may be standing between you and your better self. All of this begins with your digestive system, and by focusing on your gut first, your body can be more receptive to further fine-tuning. The way I see it, if you can fully utilize your food and drink to not only satisfy hunger but also supply your body with nutrients, you’re on the way to better health.

Treating PCOS

To treat and manage PCOS, phase one should begin by ensuring that your digestive system is in tip-top shape. The ingredients found in Digestive Herbs, formerly Tiny Tea support and maximize digestion—that’s why we recommend drinking it first. Then, once you’ve completed the first stage in your PCOS tackle pack, you can happily move into the second part of your plan. Move your body towards hormone balance with the special ingredients in Fertility Tea.

Fertility Tea contains specific plants and herbs that have been used in Chinese Medicine for centuries. These ingredients facilitate uterine blood flow (supplying nutrients to your reproductive organs) and clean up damage—giving you a happier, healthier endocrine system. Fertility Tea allows your hormones to work with your body rather than against it, which can very often be the case in PCOS.

To help you further, we offer our PCOS e-Book. The e-Book will help you better understand PCOS—why it happens, what the symptoms look and feel like, and the diet and lifestyle changes that will set your body up to win.

It’s the little things we do each and every day that make the biggest overall difference. Gently shifting your body nearer to its optimal working function is one sure way of helping you love life a whole lot more. And drinking Digestive Herbs, formerly Tiny Tea before Fertility Herbs Tea is a great start.

Written by Dr. Nat Kringoudis, TCM.

Yours in women's health,
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