5 common detox ailments explained.

5 common detox ailments explained.

Top 5 common detox ailments – how these are your gift to cleansing.

Written by Dr. Nat Kringoudis, a TCM expert;

"Ever embarked on a new routine, wellness regime, cleanse, or detox only to find yourself feeling absolutely rubbish? Perhaps you’ve broken out in a rash, grown pimples in places nobody should ever bear them, found your stomach unsettled or just felt like you’d been hit by a rock to the head? Good news for you – you’re not alone! I’m here today to discuss the top 5 most common detox ailments you may experience when you switch things up and detoxify. Because our bodies speak to us each and every day – understanding what these symptoms are actually trying to tell us helps us to determine what the body is asking for – who ever knew your latest zit could be a friend more than a foe?

One of the most common effects I see of cleansing is pimples. Be it on the face, back or chest, they are simple signs of detoxification – and with your skin being your biggest organ, it’s your own bodies way of finding a quick exit for those pesky toxins that can be so hard to shift along. In the Your Tea skin e-book; Making Skin Magic, I discuss in depth pimples and talk through some of the various kinds and how to best treat them. You can get yourself all savvy on the pimple low down here. It’s most important to understand that when our digestive system is compromised, we may also see rashes, irritation and acne. All signs your digestive system needs a little more support and cleansing is a very good idea to shift along toxins. Remember it is a process and as you continue to cleanse, the toxin build up will dissipate leading you towards clearer skin in no time.

Best food: plenty of water, vegetable soups and broths.

Body aches.
As toxins are moved around the body (and shipped out in the process if done properly!), it’s not uncommon to experience some body aches and pains. Know this is a very normal part of detoxification. Simply sticking to warmer foods throughout this time and taking warm baths to alleviate any tension can be enough to have you feeling better. By using warmth, you increase blood and nutrient flow. Best news ever – all our teas are warm fluids and count toward healing your body.

Best foods: Warm foods including curry, congee/rice and porridge.

This can be one the most difficult parts of cleansing. That feeling as though you’ve been bowled over by a steamroller! It’s important to listen to your body throughout the cleansing process. That may mean earlier bedtime for several nights as your body goes through the cleansing motions. Know that moving toxins out of the body is a little bit of a process and your body begging for an early bedtime is temporary but necessary since you do your best work whilst you sleep.

Best foods: Stewed fruits & berries or a boiled egg to give you a little energy lift.

Bowel issues. 
This is a tricky little one. When the bowel becomes upset when cleansing it certainly indicates there is a deeper issue at play. Certainly nothing to worry about but really beneficial to help diagnose gut issues. If you find yourself feeling a little backed up or perhaps the opposite – running to the bathroom frequently whilst cleansing, it can be useful to pay a little more attention to your digestion. Eating right for your constitution can be tricky but as you continue to restore better gut function, these symptoms will dissipate. Creating healthy gut flora is essential too, this alongside our tea blends and the right style of eating to support you is the quickest road to healing your precious digestive system.

Best Foods: If you are constipate, fruits with generous fiber content, think apples and melons. If you are experiencing loose bowels, stewed fruits, congee, porridge and stews are your go to.

A headache without doubt is one of the first symptoms of cleansing. It may not be so much a result of cleansing but more the withdrawal when certain foods are cut out. Removing sugar, caffeine or alcohol from the diet may have your body experiencing withdrawal. Knowing that this is temporary is important, as is keeping up fluids and rest. Sugar is highly addictive, as is wheat, so it’s important to know that is very common and normal – and a headache shouldn’t last too long.

Best Foods: Warm liquids, soups & stews.

Sometimes our bodies do some weird and wonderful things. Part of cleansing involves surrendering to the process and trusting your body knows exactly what it is doing.   Using your symptoms as a guide to what’s really going on can be useful in determining part of the bigger picture. Above all, knowing more about yourself really is key to creating greater wellness on the whole. Cleansing is so important to create a thriving body – you’ll thank yourself for it in the long run no doubt".

With Love,
Your Tea

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