Dr. Lauren Curtain

Dr. Lauren Curtain

Meet Lauren Curtain.

"My mission is to empower women about their bodies and be a guide supporting women through their health and fertility journey. Being a Dr of Chinese medicine, I see first hand just how much women are craving natural ways to deal with hormonal issues and fertility. Women now more then ever are wanting to understand their bodies, their fertility and what they can do to improve both. 

I believe the beauty and strength of Chinese medicine is being able to address the root cause of health concerns rather then merely focusing on managing the symptoms. Addressing the root cause of a problem not only has an impact on the presenting issue at hand, but also strengthens the body as a whole.

I love providing the missing link for women to better understand their bodies and show them a path they can walk to restore their bodies and lives back into balance. 

I have a strong focus on helping women through issues related to hormones, fertility and pregnancy including coming off hormonal contraception, PMS, irregular periods, amenorrhoea, PCOS, endometriosis, natural fertility, IVF support and pregnancy support".