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Traditionally my ingredients have been used to assist with:

  • gently exfoliating & revitalising skin
  • deeply nourishing skin
  • healing scars
  • addressing uneven skin tone
  • glowing complexion

Indulgence in a jar.

Teaface is a glorious mix of TinyTea granules combined with healing high grade essential oils. Add to that amalgamation; an exotic scent of ylang ylang to soothe one’s soul. We believe in pampering your skin with natural products, straight from the earth and back to you.

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TeaFace ingredients

Rosehip Oil

Patchouli Oil

Jojoba Oil

Ylang ylang

Cold pressed Coconut Oil

Tinytea granules

How to use TeaFace

Can TeaFace be used elsewhere on the body?

TeaFace and sensitive skin

TeaFace and skin allergies

When is it helpful to use TeaFace?

Is there any time to avoid using TeaFace?

TeaFace and eczema/psoriasis?

Do we test on animals?

Storage of TeaFace

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