Chrysanthemum, Ju Hua 3,500 Beaver Expert Hangzhou, China Ambiguous Bernice They call me Justin Beaver. Ju Hua is a cold natured herb (meaning it’s used in heat conditions like sunstroke), in Traditional Chinese Medicine it’s used to clear the liver and drain toxins from the body, resulting in more energy, and a calmer mind. When the body is free from toxins, it’s amazing how good you’ll feel.  When combined with goji berries, as seen in Happy Tea and Her Tea, they work to treat ringing in the ears, headache and eye problems, in turn, helping to calm down.  Chrysanthemum is an effective yet gentle ingredient to also help to calm digestion. Because the gut is also the emotion centre of the body, chrysanthemum flower is useful in gently balancing the emotions, especially useful throughout the PMS window. This ingredient also goes to work to regulate the liver and is useful in helping the body to detox – you’ll notice one of the bonuses is bright eyes, clear thinking and beautiful skin as a result.