Traditional Chinese Modalities

Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient modality that acknowledges the mind, body, and soul as one unit.

The food we eat. The words we say. The way we move. The thoughts we think. The universal energies we live amongst. 

No elements are dismissed and none stand alone. Instead, all elements work gracefully together and it's our job as human beings to find our balance amongst them.


We are in a magical little universe - placed here to learn, evolve and find our ‘I am’.

Sometimes the evolutionary path is a little bumpier for some compared to others – yet each road winds, turns, throws in the odd pothole… until we find our own highway to harmonic health. 

And there, you find ‘you’. 

Dust can always be cleaned off, anyway.


Even more intriguing than the magic of achieving equanimity in wellness is the fact that is can escape us just as quickly.

And this is okay.

Because we continue to evolve. And what are we without evolution?


TCM offers an ode to your body, handing you your ‘manual’. 

It teaches you how to operate your vessel, then hands over the responsibility over to you.

Knowledge is power (no pressure or anything).


My personal experience with TCM has been cathartically healing. It has given answers.

It has given solutions. And most importantly it has given me clear boundaries and taught me to manage the inherent human tendency to over-indulge (emotionally and physically). It has taught me self respect, ramifications and rewarded accordingly.

TCM ancient remedies and herbs are shockingly simple, yet comprehensive in their approach to otherwise nonsensical ill-health.

Accountability is a wonderful thing. After all, you are the one living in your body.


Since Your Tea’s birth in 2013, it’s been a pleasure to observe the triumphs and changes amongst our Your Tea family with the help of our humble herbs and products - physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

The power of TCM runs deep, and it is my goal to share all it has to offer to support your ‘I am’, balance and being. 


Thank you for having us on your journey.


With love,

Steph Wakefield

Your Tea Founder.


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