Hangover Herbs Tea
Hangover Herbs Tea
Hangover Herbs Tea
Hangover Herbs Tea
Hangover Herbs Tea


Hangover Herbs Tea

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4 week program

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Traditionally my ingredients have been used to assist with:

  • Alleviating headaches
  • Calming hangovers
  • Clearing toxins
  • Hydrating the body
  • Cooling the body
  • Calming and cleaning digestion (particularly loose bowels post alcohol)
  • Supporting the liver
  • Supporting the kidneys
Liver support. Hydration. Calm stomach.

Our Hangover Herbs Tea was developed to support the body post alcohol consumption, through the power of ancient Chinese herbs. This blend was formulated by our Australian Chinese Medicine Doctors, based on Traditional Chinese Medicinal Principles.

Hangover Herbs Tea is a 4-week ‘health program’: to be consumed twice per day, daily.

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One may experience the following improvements with Hangover Herbs Tea: reduction in internal excess heat, reduced irritability, calm bowels, fewer headaches, supported detoxification, and improved digestion.

Our Hangover Herbs address the effects of alcohol on the body, post consumption.

Pu Gong Yin is an ingredient used for its ability to support liver in cleansing, detoxifying and then flushing out toxins via the urine. Due to its cooling effects, its useful to treat headaches too. Ge Gen is included to treat the effects of dehydration by nourishing fluids and working on the gut to restore any ill effects of the alcohol. As a result, the bowels are also looked after (preventing the aftermath of loose bowels post alcohol).

Chamomile is another well-recognised ingredient in this blend that is soothing and calming. Again it reduces headaches, blood shot eyes, dizziness and general malaise. The detoxification support that Chamomile provides is also another very welcomed effect.

This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

You may consider our Hangover Herbs Tea if you’re facing imbalances such as: a hangover, suffering poor digestion post alcohol consumption, prone to anger and irritability, loose bowels, dehydrated skin.

Consume 1 cup of Hangover Herbs Tea in the AM and one cup in the early PM. Best consumed 30 minutes away from food.

Hangover Herbs Tea may be consumed alongside any of our 'Daily Range' blends.

Ye Cha (oolong tea), Ge Gen (kudzu root), Yang Gan Ju (chamomile), Zhi (Tangerine Peel), Pu Gong Ying (dandelion), Ge Teng Hua (kudzu flower)

All of our Chinese Herbal ingredients are sourced from the Fujian Province - exactly where they are optimally grown. Each blend undergoes external testing for pesticides, heavy metals and purity - for your health and wellbeing.

Our packaging has been tailored for our environment.

The inner bag is made of biodegradable material whilst our teabags are 100% biodegradable made of corn. All remaining packaging is recyclable.

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