The Gift of Gifts

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The gift for the pickiest of them all, the person who has everything, or someone you don't know quite that well.


  • Mint Choc Rooibos
  • Glass Tumbler
  • Antioxidant Tea
  • Apple Nut Crumble

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What are the benefits of drinking Antioxidant Tea?

According to Dr Nat TCM, Antioxidants are wonderful little molecules bursting with all the good stuff. Essentially they help you turn back the clock and fight the signs of ageing and damage. As the name suggests, Antioxidant tea is a powerful force that reverses the effects your environment has had on your bodies (oxidation). Visualise an old rusty piece of iron; this is oxidation at its finest. Now, imagine the effect your environment has had on your body thanks to your diet, lifestyle, pollutants, toxins, stress. All of these factors have a huge impact on you – leading to damage just like the rusty iron. They all contribute to placing a load on you that goes right down to how your cells interact. It's a good thing we understand too well the effects of stress and have collaborated a special mix of herbs known as Antioxidant Tea to help you counteract the effects of stress and ageing.

Contains: Fu Lin (china root), Black Tea, Yin Xing (Ginkgo biloba), Ren Shen Hua (ginseng root), Gou Qi (goji), Du Zhong (eucommia bark), Ling Zhi (reiishi mushroom), He Shou Wu (knotweed), Yi Yi (adlay), Gui Pi (cinnamon), Mei Gui (Rose).

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Apple Nut Crumble

Apple crumble in a tea cup? Yes Hi, that's me. A foray of nuts, cinnamon and tasty apple combined as one unforgettable, liquid delight

Contains: apple, cinnamon & almond pieces. Allergens: May contain traces of nuts. 

25 pyramid teabags per box. Each Tea bag weighs 2.0g

Mint Choc Rooibos

Decadent and fresh, I am the ultimate blend of pleasure & excitement for the taste buds. I pack a punch with my surprisingly exotic flavour.

Contains: high-grade rooibos, cocoa shells, mint leaves & chocolate. Allergens: may contain traces of nuts.

25 pyramid teabags per box. Each Tea bag weighs 2.0g