We’ve taken our Tiny Tea and Skin Magic Tea herbs, translated them to their extract form and popped them into a tablet.
Same same, only a little different - because sometimes, you’re not near a kettle.

Digestive Herbs by Your Tea

60 film coated tablets.
Made in Australia
AUST L 311720

Skin Herbs by Your Tea

60 film coated tablets.
Made in Australia
AUST L 311520


Reiterating our TCM Doctors’ words of wisdom, Digestive Tablets may assist with the following;

Digestion, IBS, bloating, flatulence, gut restoration, food stagnation, mood swings, PMS, lactose/gluten/fructose intolerance, leaky gut, skin, excess weight, sleep, nightmares, that feeling of never having to unbutton your pants at the dinner table again.

Skin Herbs may assist with the following;

Excess heat, psoriasis, excess, rosacea, acne, black heads, pimples, dry itchy scalp, hot feet, irritation, insomnia, dry skin, feeling confident in the skin you’re in.

Our tablets are designed to be consumed once daily, with food.

For the greatest benefits, consume daily until the tablets are finished.

Can I consume more than 1 tablet per day?

No, it is not recommended. Our tablets have been developed by qualified practitioners on a once daily dosage rate. Consuming more tablets will not ‘speed up’ or ‘enhance’ the benefits of this product.