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1 X 28 Day TinyTea
1 x 500ml (approx 460g) pure Inulin
1 x 22 page ebook, 'Follow Your Gut'

Wisdom tells us your body is a temple, and wise women keep their temple functioning with a combination of TinyTea Chinese herbs and pure Inulin for optimal gut health. 

We also have for you an incredibly information ebook, outlining gut health; how to achieve it, how to control it and how to continually improve it.

Traditionally TinyTea herbal ingredients have been used to assist with:

  •     Targeting excess fat
  •     Reducing bloating
  •     Reducing fluid retention
  •     Alleviating indigestion

Traditionally Inulin has been used to assist with:

  •     Increasing fibre intake
  •     Appetite control
  •     Prebiotic

Wulong Cha (oolong tea), Shan Zha (Hawthorn Fruit), Mai Ya (Barley Sprout), Chen Pi (Tangerine Peel), Jue Ming Zi (Foetid Cassia Seeds), Lai Fu Zi (Radish), He Ye (Lotus Leaf).

Pure inulin, made at GMP approved facility.


What are the benefits of TinyTea and Inulin

A combination of TinyTea and Inulin can result in a comprehensive approach to gut health.

While the TinyTea addresses gut restoration with its Chinese Herbs, Inulin follows up with its benefit of adding soluble fibre and prebiotics to the gut.

Since the digestive system is considered the pivot of the body in Chinese medicine, it is vital to ensure gut health is given every change to thrive.

How to consume TinyTea and Inulin.

Our recommendation is to complete the TinyTea program first (2 blends a day, twice a day, 20 minutes away from food).

This will begin the gut restoration process, address food stagnation and address any other outstanding digestive troubles.

Once completed, we suggest moving onto the Inulin; consuming 1.5 grams twice a day (morning and night).


All bodies will differ, so it is entirely up to you if you’d like to combine the two products together.

We suggest taking the Tinytea first for a few days, gauge how your body feels and then add in the Inulin if you wish.

Chinese herbs are quite powerful, as is the Inulin, so for some it may be too overwhelming for the gut at once. You will know your body the best, so gauge how you feel if you wish to combine. The efficacy of each product will not diminish if combined.


According to Dr Nat TCM, the magical blend of the Tiny Tea Teatox is based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine principles with delicately balanced herbs that are designed to nourish and cleanse the digestive system.

In Chinese Medicine, the digestive system is the pivot of health. Nourishing this will allow your body to achieve optimum physical, aesthetic, and emotional health.

28 day Tiny Tea Teatox aims to restore your body back to its original health before modern day lifestyles, sugars, fats, stress, inactivity and emotions took a toll on it. Tiny Tea Teatox works best in conjunction with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Weight management

Dr Nat TCM explains that, indirectly, Tiny Tea Teatox may assist you to shed excess weight simply by restoring your system to a point where it functions effectively.

Many of our customers report weight loss and some quite significantly so. From our perspective, achieving an optimum weight should come from an overall positive approach to health. Our Tiny Tea Teatox helps the body to function properly, when it's working at its most efficient, we see a reduction in excess weight.

Here at Your Tea, we believe that striving for optimum health should be an important aspect of everyday life. We only have one body - so it is your prerogative to look after, nourish and replenish yours so it can carry you through this life safely, peacefully and with longevity.


According to Dr. Nat TCM, the ingredients of Tiny Tea Teatox are designed to maximise digestion and gut functionality in your body.

From a TCM view point, we refer to the ‘gut’ as the spleen and stomach – and the relationship these two have with each other is what makes the magic of digestion happen. So the stomach is the ‘pit’ that the food arrives into and the spleen is like the organ that assimilates foods, draws out the essentials, sends the nutrients around the body to nourish and heal and the bad out to the bowel as waste.

When this is all happening smoothly, the body is happy. It assists in keeping our weight in check too because if the bad is being sent out as waste, toxins can’t build up in our body. When this system of the body isn’t working properly one of the things we can see is bloating or discomfort after eating.

Food intolerances

It’s important to be reminded that food intolerances are different to food we may be allergic to. An allergic reaction is generally quite severe, and sometimes life-threatening. An intolerance simply means that in this moment your body can’t process what you’re feeding it.

Dr Nat TCM explains, the best way to approach any intolerance is actually with the ‘like treats like’ approach. What you are intolerant to soon becomes your superpower because it can tell us a little of what is truly going on.

Symptoms of food intolerance may start simple – bloating, upset bowels and sometimes nausea, all of which begin to happen when your digestive systems is struggling to do its job properly. This is generally amplified by foods we find difficult to digest. The main offenders being gluten, dairy, and sugar. Perhaps you were born with compromised gut health (we immediately inherit our mother’s gut health at conception and birth), or other factors during your lifetime like the pill, antibiotics or other medications have contributed. In any case, sub-average gut health lies at the core of why we experience intolerances.

Shan Zha is a common and very useful, gentle herb used in Chinese Medicine to assist in moving food through the digestive system, indicated where there is bloating and pain.


Dr Nat TCM tells us, from a Chinese Medicine perspective, skin ailments such as acne, pimples, blackheads, rashes, eczema, psoriasis etc are all external indications of internal imbalances. As our Tiny Tea Teatox clears out the body of imbalances, toxins and waste, you will often see your skin ailments clear up as a direct result of completing our Tiny Tea Teatox. Remember, if the body doesn't have anything to reject internally, it can't eject anything externally.


Why must I take TinyTea away from food?

Chinese herbs perform a very specific purpose in the body. When the herbs are mixed in with food, their efficacy diminishes as the herbs are dulled by the food.

When herbs are consumed 20 minutes away from food, the body is able to concentrate on absorbing them and gaining as much value as possible

Bowel movements and TinyTea/Inulin

TinyTea does not contain laxatives.

It does contain some herbs that aid in removing food stagnation and phlegm as mentioned in above FAQs, so for some, more regular bowel movements may occur in the first day or so. However it depends on the state of your digestive system as to how extensively the herbs go to work on removing what can be impeding its function.

Inulin is a soluble fibre, as such, you may experience more bowel movements than usual, however it again, won’t cause a typical laxative effect.

Who created TinyTea?

TinyTea is created by Your Tea and this blend (including all others) have been created by qualified Chinese Medicine practitioners). Your health is in incredibly safe hands.

PURE INULIN POWDER- 80 to 100 Servings: Great Source of Soluble Dietary Fiber & Prebiotic Supplement [Vegan Friendly - Gluten Free - Lactose Free]

Fibre supplements such as Simply INULIN Pure Inulin powder have seen a massive surge in popularity given the statistics that on average, we as a nation are falling well short of the Department of Health recommendation of 30g of fibre per day. Inulin is a nutrient which cannot be digested or absorbed in the body, meaning it is classed as a fibre. It is also one of the best known sources, as it boasts almost 90g of fibre per 100g! Inulin can also be obtained through foods such as asparagus, onions, garlic, artichokes, chicoree root, acacia and sweet potatoes. All consumers who followed Ingrid's consumption tips repost a FLATTER TUMMY FAST & no longer PLATEAU-ing in their weightloss efforts! This vegan-friendly nutrient has received masses of attention recently from both the scientific community and media outlets due to its versatility and qualities. Because inulin has a natural sweetness, it is becoming a viable alternative to sugar. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) acknowledges that when used instead of sugar, inulin results in a lower spike in blood glucose levels. As unstable blood sugar is a health concern and can also result in energy lulls, inulin could be a healthy alternative.

Inulin is also highly versatile when in powder form, as it can be easily added to beverages, foods and even baked goods! Just add the subtly sweet SimplyGo Pure Inulin powder to the food/drink item of your choice to acquire a convenient, high fibre source.

>Excellent source of fibre


>Appetite Control

>PREBIOTIC Improves gut health

>Free from artificial colors, flavor and preservative

Substitutes sugar & flour in drinks and baked goods

>Reduces bloating significantly, resulting in a flatter stomach

>Reduces water retention & fat storage (cellulite)

>Curbs sweet tooth cravings

What Is Inulin?

Inulin (not to be confused with insulin, which is a hormone that controls blood sugar levels) is a type of soluble fiber found in a variety of plants. Fibers are compounds that are not digested or absorbed by the human gut. Soluble fibers attract water and turn to gel during digestion [R].

Inulin is present in 36000 plant species including those we consume in our daily diets such as wheat, onion, bananas, garlic, and asparagus. They are also found in less common foods such as Jerusalem artichokes and chicory. Simply INULIN is from Jerusalem artichoke Root.

Plants containing inulin use it to store energy and as a protection against cold temperatures. When exposed to cold temperatures, inulin acts as an antifreeze.


Inulin is made up of a string of fructose molecules (like beads on a string) with a glucose on either end. However, these molecules are linked in the chain by links that are not digestible by the human gut. Therefore, they move slower in the gut, absorb water and swell up like a gel which helps in forming softer stools. This makes them great for digestive health.

Mechanism of Action

Inulin’s solubility allows it to absorb a lot of water. As it swells up it forms a gel that gathers fat particles along the way and takes them out of the body.

In addition, it increases the number of beneficial bacteria in your gut by acting as their food source

Health Benefits of Inulin

1) Inulin Is a Prebiotic That Increases Good Bacteria

Inulin acts as prebiotic by being a non-digestible food ingredient that feeds good bacteria in the gut [R, R].

The human gut contains trillions of beneficial bacteria (probiotics). Bifidobacteria are good bacteria that occupy the lower gut (colon). They ferment complex carbohydrates that cannot be digested in the upper gut and releases short-chain fatty acids (such as butyrate) that are essential for human health [R, R, R].

Inulin is basically food for bifidobacteria and stimulates their growth and activity. Good bacteria have a number of important functions in our bodies. They produce acetic acid and lactic acid, which lowers the pH of the colon and prevents the growth of bad bacteria in the gut

- stimulate the immune system

- aid the absorption of certain minerals

- increase the production of B vitamins, such as folate, B12, thiamine, and niacin

A study has shown that 10 constipated elderly patients were given inulin for 19 days and their stools were monitored. These patients also showed an increase in the bifidobacteria numbers with a simultaneous decrease in harmful bacteria [R].

Therefore, inulin improves gut health in humans by stimulating the growth of beneficial bifidobacteria..

2) Inulin Reduces Constipation

Due to its ability to swell up after absorbing water, inulin is very effective in reducing constipation. A study was conducted in which 17 constipated children, 2-5 years of age, were given inulin and their stool consistency was monitored.

Multiple studies have also shown that inulin increased the frequency of stools and their consistency in adults.

3) Inulin Helps Reduce Appetite and Prevent Weight Gain

Inulin, when added to low-calorie foods, may be an effective way to suppress appetite and control food intake.

By increasing the production of the appetite-suppressing hormone peptide.

By increasing glucagon-like peptide-1, a hormone released after a meal that helps in slowing down emptying of the stomach [R, R]

By altering the neuronal activity in the brain to suppress the appetite.

These are most likely the results of increased short-chain free fatty acids, but there are also studies that question their involvement.

4) Inulin May Increase Weight Loss

5) Inulin May Reduce Blood Sugar Levels in Type 2 Diabetics

6) Inulin Reduces Cholesterol and Improves Heart Health

Inulin improves heart health by decreasing fat levels in the blood through various mechanisms. It:

- decreases the production of liver enzymes that are responsible for making fats

- increases enzymes that break down fats in muscles

- enhances the production of short-chain fatty acids

- alters the production of compounds that increase the production of peptides that make one feel full, and increases the removal of cholesterol in humans and rodents.

There also seems to be a difference in the effect of inulin on normal subjects versus patients with high cholesterol. Inulin lowers triglycerides in the blood in normal subjects and lowers the cholesterol in patients with high cholesterol.

Since cholesterol clogging the arteries can lead to high blood pressure by making it harder for the heart to pump blood, inulin can be used to reduce or prevent high blood pressure (hypertension) by lowering the cholesterol levels..

7) Inulin May Prevent Colon Cancer Development

8) Inulin May Help Manage Inflammatory Bowel Disease

9) Inulin Increases Calcium and Magnesium Absorption

One of the reasons suggested for this is that inulin causes the production of short-chain fatty acids which reduce the pH in the large intestine. This increases the solubility of calcium and magnesium, and they become more available for absorption.

10) Inulin May Improve Bone Health