Antioxidant Herbs Tea
Antioxidant Herbs Tea
Antioxidant Herbs Tea
Antioxidant Herbs Tea
Antioxidant Herbs Tea
Antioxidant Herbs Tea
Antioxidant Herbs Tea


Antioxidant Herbs Tea

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4 week program

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Traditionally my ingredients have been used to assist with:

  • Overall vitality
  • Aiding immunity
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Toxin removal
  • Calming the body
  • Improving sleep
  • Supporting digestion
Immunity. Antioxidant boost. Energy.

Our Antioxidant Herbs Tea was developed to support the body’s natural immune system, through the power of ancient Chinese herbs. This blend was formulated by our Australian Chinese Medicine Doctors, based on Traditional Chinese Medicinal Principles.

Antioxidant Herbs Tea is a 4-week ‘health program’: to be consumed twice per day, daily.

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One may experience the following improvements with Antioxidant Herbs Tea: reduction in inflammation, improved immunity, improved focus, calm digestion, increased energy and heightened mood.

Antioxidants are wonderful little molecules that are said to help us turn back the clock – and fight the signs of ageing and damage. As the name suggests, they are like a powerful force that reverses (anti) the effects our environment has on our bodies (oxidation). Thee environment, by way of diet, lifestyle, pollutants, toxins and stress all have their way with your body. All of these aspects impact our body, down to a cellular level.

Antioxidant Herbs Tea was created to help support the body create a strong immune system, as well as fight against negative lifestyle factors.

Ginseng is widely sought after for its therapeutic properties of vitalizing and invigoration. It powerfully supports the body, it helps to calm the mind, it supports digestion meaning you can better assimilate the nutrients from your food to better supply your body with what it needs to thrive.

Yi Yi Ren is included to help rid the body of toxic build up, drain away impurities that accumulate and move it out through urination. Ridding toxins via this route, means it isn’t stirred and the re-distributed back around into your body systems.

This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

You may consider our Antioxidant Herbs Tea if you’re facing imbalances such as: low immunity, external stressors, poor sleep habits, compromised digestion, low energy and poor sleep.

Consume 1 cup of Antioxidant Herbs Tea in the AM and one cup in the early PM. Best consumed 30 minutes away from food.

Antioxidant Herbs Tea may be consumed alongside any of our 'Daily Range' blends.

Fu Lin (china root), Black Tea, Yin Xing (Ginkgo biloba), Ren Shen Hua (ginseng root), Gou Qi (goji), Du Zhong (eucommia bark), Ling Zhi (reiishi mushroom), He Shou Wu (knotweed), Yi Yi (adlay), Gui Pi (cinnamon), Mei Gui (Rose)

All of our Chinese Herbal ingredients are sourced from the Fujian Province - exactly where they are optimally grown. Each blend undergoes external testing for pesticides, heavy metals and purity - for your health and wellbeing.

Our packaging has been tailored for our environment.

The inner bag is made of biodegradable material whilst our teabags are 100% biodegradable made of corn. All remaining packaging is recyclable.

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