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Ni Hao Mumma

A bit of fragrance clings to the hand that gives it flowers - Chinese proverb
Wise women know that gift 'to self' or gift 'to others', smell like daisies all the same.
A combination of Fertility Tea and Breastfriend Tea to support Mummas pre or post partum in a poignant time of life.

Pack contains: Fertility Tea (60 teabags) and Breastfriend Tea (60 teabags).
*consume products separately. Finish one whole box/product and then move onto the next. Ideally begin with Digestive Herbs.
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Chinese Herbal Ingredients
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Keto Friendly

Fertility Tea:

Camellia Sinensis (green tea), Bohe chat (corn mint), Pu Gong Ying (Taraxacum), Gou Qi (Chinese Wolfberry)

Breastfriend Tea:

Black Tea, Jing Mi (rice), Lu Lu Tong (formosan gum), Gan Cao (licorice root), Dang Gui (female ginseng), Wang Bu Liu Xing (cowherb).


Traditionally, Fertility Tea ingredients have been used to assist with:

- Fertility issues
- Problematic skin
- Calming digestion

Traditionally, Breastfriend Tea ingredients have been used to assist with:

- Supporting mothers pre and post natal
- Recovering from fatigue
- Replenishing fluids
- Increasing energy
- Reducing swelling
- Assisting bowel function


Ancient wisdom says rules are made to be broken. Just not ours.

Consume 2 tea bags per day.

1 in the AM, 1 in the PM.

Every day – until all teabags consumed.

Consistency is key with Chinese herbs.

All blends to be consumed on their own. Mixing with other blend types will reduce efficacy.

We always recommend to consume Digestive Herbs first if you have purchased a few products. Additionally - a box of Digestive Herbs (Man Herbs for the men out there) prior to any of our other blends will enhance the efficacy of any other blend due to the fact it'll address digestive capability - and this from a TCM perspective, is the core place to begin for wellness.

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