The ebbs and flows of our emotions can often find us feeling as though we’re on a rollercoaster, and going down isn’t much fun. Each and every day our bodies are responding to our environment, diet and lifestyle; trying to interweave this to support us alongside our constitution and genetics, it’s a tough gig and sometimes we can be left feeling more than low.

We take great pride in knowing we have a tea blend to suit your every need, and it’s only natural for us to shine a spotlight on our wonderful ‘Happy Herbs Tea’ to help you understand how it will make your life sweeter. The formulation of Happy tea is a unique blend of gentle herbal ingredients to help to ‘iron the emotional creases’ because we can all do with a little more balance in our lives.

One of the key ingredients in this gorgeous blend is chrysanthemum flowers.  They are used to nourish the body, clear a foggy head and eliminate any excess heat that can make us irritable or feel anxious. The flowers also aid in soothing digestive issues and eliminating toxins. You may not realize that your gut health is directly linked to emotional health. We have thousands of receptors housed within our gut that regulate our emotional wellbeing. So for this reason, it is imperative when treating depressive disorders to always come back to supporting gut health. This gluten free blend also draws on the strength of some other beautiful ingredients like hawthorn fruit, which is a very popular ingredient to assist in soothing the emotions and calming the body. This very unique fruit is useful to also keep cholesterol in check as it helps the body to handle stress and supports heart health. For this reason it is also fabulous to boost the immune system and create a more relaxed and happy you, extending to conditions like anxiety and depression (including post natal depression).

My other favourite ingredient in Happy Herbs Tea is Rose Flower. Rose has long been used to regulate and support the body. For women it is especially useful for Pre Menstrual Tension (PMT) alongside menstrual pain and headaches.  The time before the period can also be a time where emotions can swing, as hormones take control, to get the task of menstruation done. Sometimes, when our bodies are out of balance, we can really feel this by way of sadness, frustration, anger and fatigue. It’s an extremely mild herb that helps calm the mind too and the combination, especially during this time can be very welcome.

We love that Happy Herbs Tea can take you from feeling low to rebalancing your body to maintain more balanced emotions.  After all, it’s the little sweeteners you can add to your day to take your wellbeing to the next level.

Written by a TCM Doctor.

Yours in Happiness,
Your Tea