Our #1 go-to for digestive issues.

Since 2013, our 4-week Digestive Herbs program has been helping to soothe IBS, tame bloat and nourish the digestive system. All with 100% natural Chinese Herbs.

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Introducing our new Daily Adrenal support.
Designed for those under constant pressure and living in daily stress - this blend aims to support the kidneys in calming the adrenal system.

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Bestseller Blends

ADRENALS | Daily Support Herbs
$34.95 USD
30 biodegradable GMO free teabags
100% Bio

Daily Support Herbs

Regulate | Harmonise

Traditionally ADRENALS ingredients have been used to assist with:

  • Supporting excessive fatigue
  • Support post trauma
  • Calming digestion
  • Regulating stress
  • Supporting kidneys
  • Providing natural, adaptive energy

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1292 reviews
Digestive Herbs Tea (Tiny Tea)
$48.00 USD
4 week program
100% Bio

Traditionally the ingredients have been used to assist with:

  • Alleviating food intolerances
  • Addressing IBS and digestive discomfort
  • Targeting excess weight
  • Reducing bloating
  • Reducing fluid retention
  • Alleviating indigestion and food stagnation
  • Targeting presence of phlegm and damp
  • Improving sleep, mood and vitality
  • Addressing skin conditions
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Stomach Qi Acuoil
$24.95 USD
10ml (0.33fl oz)

Your Tea Acuoils.


Digestive Integrity

100% natural herbal oils. 10ml (0.33fl oz)

Up to 60 uses (1 drop on each point, daily)

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4 reviews
Menopause Herbs Tea
$48.00 USD
4 week program
100% Bio

Traditionally, our Menopause herbal ingredients have been known to assist with:

  • hot flushes
  • mood stability
  • digestive functionality 
  • reflux
  • moving food stagnation
  • increasing energy and vitality
  • weight changes
  • night sweats
  • ground floating Yang
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6 reviews
Man Herbs Tea
$48.00 USD
4 week program
100% Bio

Traditionally my ingredients have been used to assist with:

  • Increasing stamina and strength
  • Enhancing energy (without unnatural stimulants)
  • Supporting muscle growth
  • Calming flatulence 
  • Calming reflux and heartburn
  • Reducing fluid retention
  • Protecting cells from damage
  • Boosting the body's ability to burn fat
  • IBS and food intolerances
  • Calms inflammation 
  • Muscle gain and bulk
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Chinese Herbal Medicine remixed for the modern century.

Since 2013.

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Digestive Herbs

I was drinking Digestive Herbs formerly known as Tiny Tea for years and would notice I would lose weight on it. Years past and thought it wasn’t being made anymore.. I recently found it again renamed and have been drinking it twice a day religiously. I'm never bloated, it regulates when I have to go, tastes great and makes me feel skinnier. My tea collection keeps growing! I have tried a few others and have been happy with the results. I’ll always have the Digestive Herbs on hand for forever. Soo happy I found it again!

Heather, USA
Really helped with my high cortisol & insomnia.

I was very skeptical about this actually working. I’ve been dealing with crippling insomnia for years. High cortisol at night and adrenal fatigue. I have FINALLY gotten better sleep using this oil. I put it on all 3 Accu pressure points and when I laid down, I truly got to that theta relaxing state that I’ve only ever felt with actual needles in me at an accupuncture session. This blew my mind. I am so happy about this and I will continue to use this in my bedtime routine

G. Cohen, USA

Ok, WOW! Right off the bat i noticed i was literally farting every single day since starting the cleanse. TMI but man was the gas terrible, like my body was getting rid of all the terrible toxins! It helped to assist in ridinning my anxiety as well. It helped tremendously improve gut function, and i noticed my skin was glowy, clean and clear. I would definitely do this cleanse again in 6 months. Also helped manage my weight and curve cravings. Very impressed with this one.

Jess, USA

Our Your Tea Podcast;

"Traditional Chinese Medicine Honoured"


Ep 20: Endometriosis Explained, with TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain

Endometriosis - do you have it? Or do you know someone who does? This episode is for you. Once again we called on TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain to explain endometriosis from a TCM perspective. Lauren explains, in depth, how each case of endometriosis can be unique and how the symptoms that you experience, may not be the same as your friend who struggles with it too. Each case is unique and for some, there may even be a link between unexplained infertility and “silent endometriosis. During this episode we also discuss: laparoscopies - what are they, should you get one and how are they viewed from a TCM perspective? the relationship between gut health and endometriosis. inflammatory triggers and how your diet can either fuel or help relieve endometriosis.Tune in to discover many empowering and easy adjustments you can implement to your lifestyle, in order to better manage endometriosis - from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective.

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Liver Cleanse Back in Stock.

A wise man knows that balance can't be found in elasticised jeans and red wine, wisdom says it's found with our Liver Cleanse.

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